Application consultancy

Our association helps (especially) NGO's to find sources to accomplish their ideas, goals, and to have the needed administration. Our consultancy service is free of charge for NGO's.

  • watching calls
  • making applications
  • project-management
  • communication

NGO Office

We run our Office of NGO's in the community centre of Vásárosnamény, where we support NGO's having not enough capacity (devices, staff) to run their organizations. This service is free of charge or the price covers the costs. Our address is:

4800 Vásárosnamény, Rákóczi u 9.

Building/Developing communities

We provide help and venue to these organizations to be able to exist in the world in an effective way.

Environmental education/Open-air schools

In this program we teach and educate children to become adults more aware of using their environment's sources with responsible acts. 

Sports and leisure

In Szelet-Kelet Sports Association everybody can find the communal background of an active and healthy lifestyle: judo, football, handball etc.

Saving pets

At our Pet Shelter we can provide accommodation for 70 unowned dogs, they get food, medical attendance, and more than a hundred of them can find a new home a year. In our campaigns we focus on reinforcing people's point of view about owning pets in a responsible way.